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Mercury Maritime Concession Company was founded and registered to do business in the maritime subsector of Nigeria in 2009; she initiated the development of the Creek Industrial Estate (CIE) in 2012: a project proposed to be sited in the Snake Island which is situated between Port Novo Creek and Badagry Creek. CIE is a maritime-related project which proposes to deliver an industrial estate developed up to the stage of ‘Site and Services’. The project promises an orderly and clean development of the area with full infrastructure provided and designed to be serviced by water, rail & road transportation. It also incorporates an Independent Power Plant (IPP) and a bridge linking the island to the adjoining mainland.


 To deliver world class maritime & marine related services to support industries in mass commodity development and production business


To be an instrument of delight to industries operating under precarious operating environment in the sphere of power, energy and gas inputs through guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of inputs.


To engage in the construction and building of docks, dry docks, wharves piers, jetties, shipyards, shipways, slipways and all structures and facilities suited to use in the docking, building, repairing and mooring of ships and vessels of all descriptions.

To carry on the business of equipment docks and associated or similar establishments whether or not built by the company; and to deal in all plant, machinery and equipment suitable therefore, including lighting and cargo – handling equipment.

To own docks and like establishments, and to let the use of the same on lease, hire or otherwise; to manage and run dock and like establishments (whether or not owned by the company).

To engage in the development and construction of infrastructure to support the business of estate or multi – estate and new town development.

To engage in the business of maintaining docks and the aforesaid structure and facilities, and to do all things desirable therefore, including; and generally to carry on business as dredgers.

To purchase or otherwise acquire dredgers, barges tugs and all vessels, plant, machinery and equipment suited to use in carrying out the aforementioned objects.

To do all such other lawful things as are incidental, ancillary or conducive for the attainment of the objects or any other such related object.