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Escravos Seaport Industrial Complex Topography

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Escravos Seaport Induatrial Complex Topography

The Topography of the proposed ESIC-1 location is characterized by low slopes, low topography, high mean wave/tidal heights, and unconfined aquifers. Its height is about 8-10m high on the western fringe close to the Escravos and Nana Channels and slopes gently eastward between 6-7m to the various riverlets that adorns its eastern side. Both coastal fringes are prone to perennial tidal and river flooding.

The low land existing settlement/project site cannot accommodate the re-planning of the site. Hence, massive sand filling up to 3 metres will be required so as to preempt flooding emergency that may arise from earth warming/sea rising due to depletion of ozone layer.

ESIC's Location

  • ESIC-1 is proposed to be located on approximately 20,000 Hectares of land
  • ESIC is situated between the Nana Creek and Escravos River on Longitude 5.15… and 5.76 east. And Latitude 4.98 and 5.76 North with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean about 20 nautical miles
  • Seaport Location: 15 kilometer/8 nautical miles upstream of the Escravos River Channel while ESIC-1 will be linked by Road, Rail and Inland waterways to the hinterland.
  • Project site location is approximately 45Km North East of Warri and about 47Km South East of Sapele

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