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Escravos Seaport Industrial Complex Development

Follow up on the progress of the development of the Escravos Seaport Industrial Complex from start to finish.


Project Conceptualization

Escravos seaport is conceptualized as a modern deep seaport that will handle container Ro-Ro vessels, specialized cargo and general cargo. Designed to primarily serve ESIC-1 and also support Nigeria’s regular international seaborne trade, thus accentuating the contribution of Delta ports to Nigeria’s economic development as well as boosting contributions of Delta State seaports from its present 3% share.

Project conceptualized to take advantage of the quick and direct access of ESIC-1 Seaport to the Atlantic ocean as its multimodal transport access to approximately 80% of hinterland Nigeria and it’s landlock countries to transform Delta State into a regional multi-modal transport hub of West Africa.

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