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Creek Industrial Estate

Snake island is being developed to Creek Industrial Estate. Learn more about the project, its scope and infrastructure.

Creek Industrial Estate

Snake Island is being developed to become Creek Industrial Estate (CIE), a 1700 Hectare mix estate - for Industrial, Residential and Commercial/Social use. The project is a mart of MMCC's Eko International Resort Complex mega project.

Invest in Creek Industrial Estate

As Snake Island is being developed to Creek Industrial Estate. Here are major reasons to invest in Creek Industrial Estate.
Efficient road & sidewalks network

Roads and bridges linking Snake Island to Lagos-Badagry Expressway

Independent 24/7 power supply

Efficient power generation through an independent power plant

Maintenance Dredging Service

Maintenance dredging service to serve the shipping segment

Ferry Boat Transport Services

Ferry boat services to link Victoria Island, the industrial estate and beyond

Social infrastucture

Social infrastucture such as hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, parks, etc

Portable Water Supply

World-class portable water supply access across the estate

Gas Supply

Gas supply option for industries to run their boilers plants and equipment.


Efficient coverage of transmission signals and telecommunication services

Tunnel Projects

Linking Snake Island to Victoria Island and its environs


Creek Industrial Estate will house various residential, commercial and social projects.


Follow the phases in the development of Snake Island into Creek Industrial Estate.


Infrastructures in CIE include an accessible road network, power plant and more.

CIE Project Gallery

See pictures of the CIE map, estate development phases and more.

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