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Creek Industrial Estate Infrastructure

Creek Industrial Estate is packed with numerous social amenities and infrastructure.

Sewage Treatment Plant


The estate will comply with the international standards of environmental management. A central Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will therefore be put in place in the Estate. This will ensure that solid and liquid wastes including industrial and domestic effluents and sewage will be properly treated before discharge into the sea. MMCC and its partners will obtain expert opinion on the most appropriate Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) technology that will serve the needs of the Estate.

Independent Power Plant (IPP)


A major feature of the CIE project is a 1200 MW gas fired IPP project to power the entire estate, thus ensuring constant supply of power to meet the needs of those industries, businesses and other facilities so as to enable industries operate their respective plants and equipment at full capacity. Excess power generation would be transmitted to the National Grid.

Road Network


The design of the road network will ensure that the unsavory practice of digging up the periphery of roads, green belts and road verges, or even across roads that is prevalent in urban Nigeria does not take place on the Estate. It is a common sight when different public and private sector organizations do so in order to lay a network of such utilities as water, telecoms cables, underground power lines, etc. Estate Regulations will make this unacceptable. Even then, pre-defined ducts of appropriate sizes will be constructed as part of the road system throughout the estate. Appropriate manholes will also be installed to facilitate access for those wishing to use them. It is envisaged that arrangement could be made to charge a fee for this. Furthermore, this will ease the work of maintaining the facilities and ensure that such unsightly disruption of facilities is avoided.

Tunnel Infrastructure


The AIM of Victoria Island – Snake Island Tunnel – Road (VSTR) project is to provide a direct tunnel road linkage of the Eastern and Western coast of Lagos mega city, at least for limited categories of vehicles. This tunnel road linkage which will key into the existing ring-road encircling the metropolis of Lagos commercial and business Centre (a projection in tandem with the United Nations Six Point Urban Road Development policy), is also in conformity with Lagos state road development model.
It is fundamental to note that VSTR is ultimately conceptualized to link the proposed Lagos State Coastal Road approaches leading to Lekki Deep Seaport district

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